July 21, 2019 8:00 pm Columbiadamm 13-21, Berlin

Skunk Anasie

Skunk Anansie were born radical and have stayed that way ever since. It is there in their music, which slips effortlessly between the confrontational and the tender, the politically charged and the nakedly emotional, the upfront and attention-grabbing and the quiet and restrained. But it’s there in the band’s essence too – in the blend of influences, cultures and personalities they have so successfully brought together.

When the band emerged from the sweat-drenched backrooms of London in 1994, electrifying everyone who saw them and jamming an adrenaline shot into the arm of a decadent music scene, they sounded and looked like nothing that had come before them.

Skunk Anansie’s legacy is shaped by their past, present and inevitably their future as their contribution towards music’s next generation will continue their influence as their scholarship offer and involvement with ACM aids to help the industry’s rising stars.

The release of 25LIVE@25 marks another milestone in the band’s unrivaled career and is a living, breathing, in-your-face document that there is and always will be only one Skunk Anansie.