December 1, 2019 8:00 pm Columbiadamm 13-21, Berlin

Mando Diao

Since 2002, Mando Diao have released eight studio albums and sold over 1.5 million units worldwide. The Swedes have played over 1500 concerts in 30 countries, the majority of them in sold-out clubs, and have appeared as headliners at quite a few festivals. Their videos has been streamed tens of million times. Their greatest hits are sold just as well as their MTV unplugged album and the accompanying DVD. In summary: Mando Diao succeed over a period of time that only a few bands of their caliber can even match. And that just by consistently going their own way and following their own and very personal artistic vision of rock. Tradition and renewal were never a contradiction for the quintet from Borlänge, but two sides of a classic rock’n’roll record. The crew around vocalist and guitarist Björn Dixgård eventually started out with classic rhythm’n’blues, then more and more relies on elements of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or the Kinks. As time went on, the sound became more self-contained, extending its tentacles into other musical realms, without losing the energy and attitude of early rock’n’roll – and always with Björn’s charismatic voice as a fixture. This energy can also be found in the live shows of Mando Diao, where the members, all of whom are in command of different instruments, let off steam for their sheer delight in the various hits and unexpected gems. At the moment, Mando Diao are working on their new and ninth studio album and will be touring with new songs in November.